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Preventative Maintenance

Field Service4Whether you have one machine or 50, your equipment deserves the same care. That’s why we offer Preventative Maintenance services for all machine makes and models. We have six locations throughout Colorado and in southeast Wyoming, so wherever your machine is located within that area, one of our mobile service trucks can reach you quickly.


Quality Maintenance

Maintenance is too important to entrust to someone who isn’t qualified to spot problems during routine procedures. We have a large team of technical and field service employees, all of whom have completed PMC’s training program, to ensure that your equipment is properly serviced. Our main goal is to get your equipment up and running – and running well – as quickly as possible.


Warranty Assurance

You shouldn’t have to worry about losing warranty coverage due to an equipment problem. PMC provides documented oil analysis for your equipment to eliminate that risk.


Payment Options

You can pay for individual services as they are completed or use a “pay by hour” (PBH) contract. With the PBH contract option, you can pay a fixed fee based on actual machine usage. The PBH option requires that a Komtrax telemetrics device be installed prior to starting.


After-Hours Service

PMC understand that extended downtime is not an option, so we’re always ready to help. Our Preventative Maintenance services are available at your convenience, including after normal hours, in order to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.


Environmental Compliance

Hazardous waste – which can include oil and antifreeze – must be properly identified, stored, transported, treated, and disposed of under Subtitle C of the federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA). Power Motive Corporation is licensed to properly dispose of hazardous waste.


PM Inspections

PMC offers a thorough 22-point inspection, conducted at 250, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 hours. Our inspection includes:

Engine Compartment

check  Belts & Hoses

check  Fuel Leaks

check  Coolant Leaks

check  Engine Oil Leaks

check  Air Induction System

check  Exhaust System

check  Charging System

check  Brackets

check  Braces & Bolts

Exterior of Machine

check  Undercarriage

check  Tires

check  Wheels

check  Suspension

check  Winch or Ripper

check  Cutting Edges

check  Shanks & Teeth

check  Blade/Bucket Mounts

check  Oil or Fuel Leaks

Operator's Compartment

check  Safety Equipment

check  Warning Lights & Gauges

check  Seat & Cushion

check  Lighting