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Pre-Owned Equipment

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PMC Pre-Owned Equipment makes it possible for you to get the equipment you need from brands you trust while enjoying huge savings versus retail pricing. Best of all, we don’t just turn around used equipment and sell it as-is: we can provide a highly detailed certification process which includes testing, diagnostics, and repairs prior to receiving our stamp of approval, lets you buy confidently, knowing that you’re getting top-quality equipment at great prices. In addition, PMC pre-owned customers have access to our industry-leading financing options, maintenance contracts, and warranty programs, providing you with even greater peace of mind.


pre owned equipment 3PMC Pre-Owned Equipment is ideal for anyone looking for cost-effective ways to expand their fleets or replace old equipment. It's a great opportunity to maximize your equipment requirements with minimal capital outlay. Check out our subsidized financing and warranty programs on pre-owned equipment today.


Be sure to also talk to us about any special requirements you need. Examples of services that we provide on a regular basis include appraisals, insurance actions, banking inquiries and more.


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