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Komatsu CARE

komatsu careKOMATSU Care Comes Standard

Komatsu CARE Certified is a program offering complete service and advanced product support. Komatsu CARE is designed to keep your new Komatsu Tier 4 equipment up and running while also lowering your total cost of ownership and dramatically increasing availability.


Solving One Problem, Creating Another

Without a doubt, the EPA’s Tier 4 diesel exhaust emissions regulations have resulted in more environmentally friendly mining, agriculture and construction equipment, as well as dramatic improvements in overall air-quality in and around construction sites as well as in urban and rural areas. However, in order to meet these new government-mandated regulations and simultaneously maintain the performance you’ve come to expect, Komatsu and other manufacturers install various in-cylinder and after-treatment components and modifications.


These components and modifications include diesel particulate filters (DPFs), selective-catalytic-reduction (SCR) systems, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs), specially modified combustion chambers, variable-geometry turbochargers, high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel systems, and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) systems. The heightened engine complexity, additional filters, and new consumables have consequently driven up the cost of maintaining and servicing these machines.


Komatsu CARE to the rescue

Komatsu, the second largest global manufacturer and supplier of earth-moving equipment, took a unique approach to inspiring confidence in its lineup of EPA Tier 4-compliant machines. Komatsu CARE is a 100% complimentary maintenance program that’s designed to provide you with a phenomenal ownership experience. Now, owners or lessees of a Tier 4-compliant Komatsu excavator, dozer, wheel loader, truck, or grader needn’t worry about Tier 4 final-exclusive service and maintenance fees negatively impacting their budget.


Better Benefits, Bar None

Komatsu CARE is designed to cover your machinery for the first three years or 2,000 hours of the vehicle’s active service life, whichever comes first. It effectively lowers your cost of ownership, improves equipment uptime and reliability, protects the value of your capital investment, ensures that proper maintenance is performed by Power Motive Corporation’s factory-trained certified technicians with only genuine Komatsu OEM parts, and increases resale value with detailed maintenance records and transferable program benefits.



PMC can extend factory service programs to greater lengths. For qualifying customers, we'll package and assure even more favorable reponse times, service rates, and parts/warranty/uptime commitments. It's all designed to provide you with productivity and efficiency unmatched by anyone else in the region.


Power Motive Corporation Gets Proactive

With Komatsu CARE, you know that your latest Komatsu construction equipment is going to be not just powerful, capable, and Tier 4-compliant, but it will also be affordable to keep it that way for a long time coming. PMC is dedicated to keeping your cost of ownership low, even for machines that don’t qualify for Komatsu CARE Certified. Contact us today or stop by one of our branch locations to learn more about our available maintenance programs for any manufacturer’s machines and let us help you stay as productive as possible.


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