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Sakai Intelligent Compaction

Sakai Intelligent CompactionSakai, a manufacturer of soil compactors and asphalt rollers, has created its Compaction Information System 2 (CIS2) technology to help ensure its vibratory rollers and compactors achieve a uniform density for the compacted material, whether it’s soil subgrade, granular subbase, and asphalt pavement from the ground up. This has the three-fold benefit in improving pavement quality, extending pavement life, and letting the operator achieve suitable compaction in the most efficient way possible in fewer passes.


Sakai’s CIS2 system consists of an accelerometer in the roller/compactor’s drum that can measure the stiffness of the compacted material in real-time. As the machine moves over the jobsite, a high-precision positioning system (provided by Topcon) generates a detailed map of the paved or compacted area, highlighting soft or weakly compacted portions that the operator can use for spot checking or focus on during subsequent passes.


The system is also capable of registering the temperature of the asphalt mat, ensuring the operator is always working within the temperature ranges designed to produce the best results. Sakai’s technology can also track the number of roller passes, roller speed, vibration frequency and speed, Sakai’s exclusive compaction measurement value, and more. The machine’s operator has access to all of this data from a large touch-screen display that features automatic brightness and contrast controls for peak visibility in a variety of ambient light conditions.