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KOMTRAXAt its core, KOMTRAX is a remote monitoring system. It uses a combination of hardware and software to help you keep track of your machines, ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible, and prevent downtime by monitoring your equipment’s overall health.


Hundreds of thousands of machines already use KOMTRAX, which comes standard on most new Komatsu equipment and at no charge to you except for the initial setup/installation fee. And KOMTRAX is also available for retrofitting onto older Komatsu models and third-party products. Contact us to find out exactly what KOMTRAX can tell you about your machine.



KOMTRAX Features & Benefits




KOMTRAX Plus is much like the base offering, but KOMTRAX Plus is specifically designed for use with mining equipment. Using this solution, you can set up normal operating parameters for your machines and then get alerts whenever they fall below or exceed certain thresholds. The ultimate goal is to extend the life of your equipment while also striving for maximum efficiency.


With KOMTRAX Plus, you can keep track of multiple facets of your mining equipment and make sure they are running properly. You’ll get access to reporting on fuel consumption, pressure levels, and temperature levels for engine oil, coolant, exhaust, and more. Plus, you’ll get information from your payload meter, including pay load weight, empty travel time, loaded travel time, etc. All of these data points come together to give you a more well-rounded view of your fleet.



KOMTRAX 5.0 is built for use with Komatsu Tier 4 machinery. This means that in addition to what you get from the standard solution, you can also monitor operator and machine performance to ensure equipment is not only running efficiently, but also properly reducing emissions. You’ll get reporting on the soot count of your Komatsu Diesel Particulates Filter, how much fuel is being used during active regeneration, the residual diesel exhaust fluid level, travel hours and distances, cycle times, maximum speed, and more.



Offering the same functionality as the desktop version, KOMTRAX is available in a mobile app that offers even greater flexibility to monitor your machines and the ability to get in touch with PMC on the fly. Like the KOMTRAX program itself, the app is available at no charge.