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Message From The PMC Team

What It Means to be The Product Support People


Power Motive Corporation is proud but also humbled by its record of faithfully delivering value to its customers, suppliers and employees for six decades. Our ability to form enduring partnerships allows us to foster pride in our work that’s immeasurable.


As “The Product Support People,” it’s imperative we place our customer’s interests ahead of our own. We ask ourselves every day how we can use our knowledge of equipment, applications, productivity, finance and uptime to better serve.


PMC’s formula for success has been consistently simple. We provide unique value through a passionate commitment to these fundamentals:

•  PMC employs only conscientious, customer-focused sales and service personnel who are quick to share their expertise

•  PMC represents product lines with best-in-class performance and durability

•  PMC always strives to deliver the highest level of customer service excellence


Customer input drives our innovation and commitment to world-class support. Our success is dependent on the success of our customers, and everyone at PMC stays invested in customer satisfaction.


The Customer-Dedicated Employees of PMC


The PMC Team