KPI-JCI-Astec: Pugmills

KPI-JCI Pugmill Plants provide the portability required, featuring the aggressive mixing action of the KPI Pugmill.  The continuous mix Pugmill includes two counter rotating shafts with paddles, along with timing gears that provide optimum speed to obtain the quality mix desired.  Controlled blending and automatic proportioning ensures your end product is the consistency you require.  Multiple configurations of ingredient feed systems ensure maximum flexibility and unparalleled ease of operation.

Model Capacity (TPH) Motor (HP) Main Conveyor / Extended Conveyor Pugmill Size (in x ft) Primary Hopper Capacity (cu yards)
52 (Plant) 300 60 48 x 6 9,9
52S (Plant) 500 100 48 x 8 15,15
50-486   60    
50-488   75    
50-4810   100    


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