KPI-JCI-Astec: Fine Material Washers

KPI-JCI fine material washers deliver extreme productivity when and where you need it. Engineered with high-efficiency drives, the resulting low-horsepower requirement reduces operating costs while increasing throughput, ensuring your operation runs efficiently and profitably.

Model Overflow Capacity (GPM at #100 Mesh)
5024-25S 500
5030-25S 550
5036-25S 700
5036-25T 1,200
5044-32S 1,500
5044-32T 2,700
5048-32S 1,650
5048-32T 2,900
5054-34S 1,800
5060-35S 2,200
5060-35T 3,600
5066-35S 2,400
5066-35T 4,000
5072-38S 2,600
5072-38T 4,400


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