Komatsu: 98-175 HP (WA150-WA320)

98-175 – Hydrostatic drive sets these machines apart. By replacing the torque converter and geared transmission with a hydrostatic system using one piston pump and two piston motors, Komatsu small wheel loaders are quick but smooth, powerful but extremely operator friendly and controllable. The operator can use his traction control system to adjust the traction output to match his underfoot and digging conditions. In addition, dynamic braking slows the loader whenever the operator lifts his foot off the throttle making it easy on the wet multi-disc brakes.


Model Operating Weight (lbs) Horsepower (hp) Bucket Size (cu yd)
WA150-6 16,940 99 1.7
WA200-7 26,313 126 3.1
WA200PZ-6 25,240 128 2.5
WA270-7 28,164 153 2.5
WA320-7 33,984 165 4.2
WA320PZ-6 33,690 171 3.5


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