Komatsu: Shovels

Mining excavators are called on to do a variety of tasks, from working a shot face to top loading trucks with overburden to cracking out a virgin bank. Komatsu large excavators are designed to do all those tasks fast and efficiently to maximize production. You have your choice of backhoe or shovel and diesel engines or electric motors to match the machine to your job.  When loading rock trucks from 70 ton to the world’s largest, Komatsu mining excavators are the right choice. 

Model Operating Weight (lbs) Max Dump Height Bucket Size (cu yd)
PC2000-8 450,000 31.8 17.9
PC3000-6 584,000 33.5 19.5
PC4000-6 879,800 39.4 29
PC5500-6 1,210,000 43.8 38
PC8000-6 1,713,000 45.7 55


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