Komatsu: Compact (PC27-PC170)

Big Features in Small Packages - Komatsu mini-excavators share many of the features of Komatsu’s highly respected mid-size excavators. But more importantly, these mini’s are constructed like their bigger brothers to handle the demands of construction work rather than the light duty some of their competition is designed for.  Climb on one of these mini’s and you’ll fall in love with the comfort, big excavator features, versatility and especially the work they can produce.


Model Operating Weight (lbs) Horsepower (hp)
PC27MR-3 6,460 25.7
PC35MR-3 7,909 29
PC45MR-5 11,001 38
PC55MR-5 11,618 38
PC78US-10 17,747 65.5
PC88MR-8 18,558 65
PC88MR-10 19,290 65.5
PC138USLC-10 32,628 93.5
PC170LC-10 41,600 115


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