Fecon: Mulching Machine

Discover what a Fecon track machine can do for you. Fecon Tracked Carriers deliver excellent ROI for the equipment investment. Our reputation for durability, reliability and Dealer and Factory support is recognized across our line of tracked carriers, from the FTX100 to the FTX600. Our tractors are built brutally tough, and operator-friendly so you can clear the way to a job well done.

Model Operating Weight (lbs) Horsepower (hp)
FTX100 14,250 97
FTX128L 17,350 128
FTX148 19,400 142
FTX250LGP 29,880 250
FTX290 29,800 290
FTX400LGP 34,196 403
FTX600 54,380 600


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