Fecon: Hyd Power Pack

Fecon® offers a range of Power Packs for your excavator. A power pack is a dedicated power source for any application where more hydraulic horsepower is desirable.
A 12 Ton excavator equipped with a BHP170 can run with more power than a 30 Ton excavator, while maintaining all of the benefits of a smaller excavator. The BHP170 dedicates 61gpm at 6000PSI to your attachment.
A 20 Ton excavator (or larger) can benefit from the BHP250. Typically you can provide 45-60 gpm to the attachment from a 20-30 Ton excavator’s hydraulic system, the BHP250 can deliver 105 gpm and significantly increase productivity on larger diameter material. . On the job site, it all comes down to hydraulic horsepower: gpm (flow) x psi (pressure) / 1714 = hydraulic horsepower.
Model Operating Weight (lbs) Horsepower (hp)
BHP170 4,500 168
BHP250 8,500 250


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