Intelligent Machine Control

Thanks to Komatsu’s revolutionary intelligent Machine Control, any issues regarding the blade loads and track slippage are now reduced, if not eliminated. The “intelligent Machine Control” is the first fully automatic blade control and that combines features of the conventional Machine Control, but also rough dozing. This intelligent Machine Control is able to monitor blade load and adjust blade elevation to minimize track slip. This feature allows for high-efficiency dozing performance without relying on the skills of the operator. Moreover, the significant reduction in track slip reduces the possibility of damage to the design surface, but also track wear which will result in lower maintenance costs.

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Komatsu CARE, a complete service and advanced product support solution, keeps your new Komatsu Tier 4 Interim equipiment up and running - while keeping your cost of ownership down.

Komatsu CARE

Power Motive's Feature for the Month: 

NPK Construction Equipment has entered into a partnership with well-known European mining equipment manufacturer, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik, of Emsbüren, Germany. NPK will market Paus scaling machines in the United States with NPK GH-2S tunneling hammers for underground and other special applications. The NPK GH-2S hammer is specifically designed for rock scaling and features anti-blank firing that ensures only loose and/or potentially unstable rock falls to the tunnel floor. NPK has been a supplier of tunneling hammers for Paus Scalers in various markets for several years.  The primary Paus equipment NPK will market will be the NPK-Paus 853 S8 and 1253 S10 scalers.

NPK U-Series Crusher

What is KOMTRAX?

KOMTRAX is a wireless monitoring system installed on your Komatsu equipment to help you manage your assets more effectively and efficiently. KOMTRAX comes standard on most new Komatsu equipment.

What does KOMTRAX Do?

Tracks equipment location and hours operated
Monitors operator and machine performance
Alerts PMC when your equipment requires repairs and when maintenance is due
Security features prevent unauthorized operation
Provides historic performance records for your equipment

KOMTRAX Mobile App

The KOMTRAX Team is pleased to announce the availability of Komatsu's easy to use, benefit rich KOMTRAX Mobile App. We encourage you to take a moment to visit your Android and Apple App Store or scan the QR code below to download and register. 

Using the KOMTRAX Mobile App

The video on the right-hand side demonstrates how easy KOMTRAX Mobile is to use. You'll learn how to get fleet overviews, get driving directions and details regaurding cautions, utilization, fuel burn and idle time.

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